Software Integration

Software Integration

Retailing is comprised of several independent activities, starting from procurement to post sales. Each of these activities are powered by several IT systems which perform specific functions. It is very essential that these systems are connected with each other efficiently, and communicate with each other so as to ensure smooth operations. Nowadays, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) not only face the challenge of incorporating new and modern technology platforms but also need to integrate them with existing legacy systems.


  • Integration of legacy systems built on old technologies non-compatible to recent technologies.
  • Fragmented IT systems from supply chain, warehouses, logistics partners, etc.
  • Integration of content management systems and social networks.

These challenges can be intimidating even for seasoned developers, and hiring a software vendor to implement such solutions can break the bank.

Proprietary Solutions

Fortunately, at DPS we have met the above challenges through handling  integration  with various clients ourselves, and by developing our own proprietary shipping and order management software. These systems ensure crucial control and accuracy, providing total visibility over the entire fulfillment process. 

Often these services can be offered to get you onboard at no additional or recurring cost. 

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