Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working... - Pablo Picasso

Our approach to packaging design is simple. We continuously work to find the best design from a packager's perspective, while keeping the end user (the consumer) always in mind. What does this mean? We look to be innovative by creating easy to assemble displays and packaging while at the same time, providing "that look" specific to both the customer's product and the consumer who will buy it. Result... a high-end look with cost savings built in.

Core Services:
  • Folded Carton (Design & Supply)
  • Free Design Samples (Initial)
  • Customized POP,PDM & Floor/Counter Display Design
  • Palletization Layouts
  • Samples & Computerized Renderings
  • JIT Supply of Packaging Materials
  • Prototype Design & Sampling Services
  • ESP Conscious (Environmentally Sensitive Packaging)